Problems of Char Chapari

Problems will be discussed here as Char Chapori (চৰ চাপৰি) is a vast area of Brahmaputra river and it's tributaries in Indian state Assam. According to the Assam Government record, the char chapori cover 3,608 sq km of the Brahmaputra basin, which works out to 4.6% of Assam’s geographical area. Millions of problems, you can find here..

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Problem Solutions

The char areas are distributed across 23 sub-divisions of 14 districts along the Brahmaputra’s course from Sadiya in the east to Dhubri in the west. An estimated 25 lakh people reside in 2,251 villages on these chars straddling 299 gaon panchayats. Some 68% of the char dwellers are below poverty line BPL

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Open Views from Char Chapari

Major portion of Char Chapori residents are East Bengal rooted those were brought to Assam during the British era for cultivate the wetland by direct patronising the Government(then). They were being allowed to cultivate more jute on work for food scheme. Those people are anthropologically Dravidian.

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সদ্য প্রকাশিত প্রবন্ধ সমুহ

Editors' Note

Muslims – particularly the Bengali speaking Muslims live in Char Chapori (River Island) in Assam have been at the centre of politics for all the wrong reasons. They have grown up being labelled ‘foreigner’ or Bangladeshi. Already tired of being labelled ‘foreigners,’ over the years clashes, however, appear to be the ‘maximum’ that the new generation of Muslims could take literature to file their protest and gain equality on Assamese society. Char Chapori will try to find out the talents from Char Chapori and will give them a platform to be part of so called mainstream.We have no issue to corporate with any individual(s),organisation(s),those want the enlistment for these neglected people of the Char Chapori.